Vertical design gives you a more natural looking tan than lay down beds – and in cool comfort!

The Wrap Around UV lamps completely wrap around your body and at the optimum angles for your individual body size, leaving no “blank spots” along your sides.
The result is a completely natural looking tan!

With the latest technology in tanning, your business never looked so good.

Natural-looking tan due to upright position, with no pale patches caused by skin creases, and no flattened hairstyles from lying down. Hygienic vertical design eliminates customer’s sanitation concerns. More uniform tan due to even, all-around UV lighting which prevents undesirable side striping. Comfortable tanning sessions due to Super Breeze system fans with no body aches or white spots caused by pressure points. Acrylic safety shields prevent customers from directly contacting the bulbs. No wire grating or mesh.

Commercial power and quality in a compact, affordable system – with 12 minute maximum tanning sessions.

  • 4 panel, double-hinged folding system, center column mounted to wall
  • 12-minute remote timer
  • Requires 4-wire 220 volt power, draws 20 amps, and needs to be hard-wired to a 30 amp circuit breaker
  • 20 100-watt UVA lamps Lifetime warranty on system body Your choice of attractive door styles
  • System Dimensions: 86x38x8

Custom Door Styles Available | Contact Us for pricing

Bring commercial-quality tanning into your home today — with quick 15-minute maximum sessions.

  • 4 panel, double-hinged folding system with mounted center column.
  • Requires standard 120 volt household power, draws 20 amps, requires a 35 amp circuit breaker and includes 10’ power cord to reach wall outlet
  • 16 100-watt UVA lamps
  • Lifetime warranty
  • System Dimensions: 86x38x8

Custom Door Styles Available | Contact Us for pricing

Harness the power of the sun with the most compact, space-saving and affordable way to tan at home.

  • Wall-mountable single panel with hinged side doors
  • Black powder-coated steel construction
  • Runs on household power; 15 amp circuit (Draws 10 amps)
  • 10 100-watt lamps for 2-stage tan; front, then back
  • 12 minute (per side) maximum tanning session
  • System dimensions: 86x22x5

Custom Door Styles Available | Contact Us for pricing

Let’s Do The Math!

The Express Tan system is an excellent introduction into tanning profits. Attract new customers to your existing salon for new tanning session income, as well as new over the counter sales of tanning and skin care products.

12 Sessions a Day for 1 year: $41,760.00
(at $10.00 a session)

Electrical Cost: $998.40
(for 1 year of operation at 12 sessions a day)

YOUR PROFIT IS $33,766.60!!!!
(In only the first year!)

Remember, tanners will visit 3-4 times per week and bring new clients with them. Just think what will happen from the increase in revenue from each tanner and any tanning products sold. Adding an Express Tan System to your business can greatly increase your yearly income for a low-cost and low maintenance.

How can ExpressTan (TM) be faster than systems with more bulbs?

Many people shop for tanning systems simply by dividing the price of a system by the number of bulbs. A far better way to compare is by the Maximum Tan Time (MTT) rating. That determines how long tanning sessions can last. The shorter the MTT, the more powerful the system. Consider the 40 lamp ExpressTan 4000XL tanning system; it has a very fast MTT of just 9 minutes; far quicker than any other 40 lamp system.

Adjusts closely around entire body

The lighting panels of our Wrap Around ® tanning system adjust closely around your entire body, completely wrapping you in an even, warm glow, whatever your size may be. Bringing the UV panels close to the body provides uniform tanning coverage and creates a better, faster, and more beautiful looking tan.