Two Express Tan Systems will fit in approximately half the space of one of the competition’s systems.

Using 2 Express Tan Systems in the space of one bed can generate a minimum of 6 tans per hour!

Years ago indoor tanning systems were much less safe than today…

The lamps themselves were often different as well.  Some companies provided “grow lights” rather than the UVA wavelengths used by Express Tans Systems.  Because of the less effective and safer lamps, the FDA issued a report in the late 80’s that is frequently cisted as an indication that indoor tanning may not be harmful for some.

The findings recommended that eyes be protected and that time be limited.  As well, medical history should be considered, relative to skin cancer risks as diagnosed by a physician.  UVA indoor tanning lamps are significantly different than UVB light that is well known to cause burning.

The real risks of propoerly used indoor tanning systems may prove to be statistically insignificant.  Finally, the Express Tan Systems have been cleared by the FDA as of 2016!

Since all four “panels” on an Express Tan System have acrylic safety shields that are thinner than a bed, and the same thickness throughout, the light exposure is more intense and consistent!

As well, the “Wrap Around Design” ensures that the lamps are “Equi-Distant” from the body.  The patented design allows the user to adjust the panels, either pulling in closer or pushing out for larger body sizes.

Thinner shields, adjustable panels, closer to the lamps, cooler tanning sessions, space saving and quicker turnover times with few lamps makes Express Tan the obvious choice for your business!

Thirty years ago, when indoor tanning sessions took 30 minutes or more, it made sense to provide a tanning bed where the user could lie down…

The lamps have been drastically improved, becoming faster and safer.  Thus the advent of the tanning “booth” by Espress Tan Systems years ago!

Using a vertical tanning system is similar to taking a shower, rather than a bath. Faster, less to clean up after the session, and less chance of cross-contamination…

Tanning in an Express Tan system is like taking a safe “Sun Shower”, compared to the old style tanning beds!  A tanning booth is also much cooler than a standard bed, as the hot air rises and the internal fans drive the heat up and away from the user.

Lastly, tanning beds can take up roughly twice the floor space of the standing tan booth from Express Tan!

Tanning beds require that a user lie down on the actual system.  The heat from tanning lamps can cause users to perspire, and obviously this contacts the surface of the bed.

Cleaning the system is required and can be time consuming.  As well over time the acrylic on the bed can become cracked and or develop pits.  This can reduce the amount of light from the lamps reaching the user, causing “spots” that arent evenly tanned…

Lotions and other products on the user can also be transferred to the tanning bed, requiring further cleaning.  Express Tan Systems are not only easier to clean, but users rarely make contact with the outer safety shields in a vertical model!

Aesthetically, with custom exterior door options and the folding space saving design, Express Tan Systems takes up much less room an look better when not in use!

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