About Express Tan

Since 1989 we have been manufacturing and distributing the Peacock Tanning systems, for commercial and home use. Our patented “Wrap Around Design” is the most unique home tanning system on the market, yesterday and today! Located on the banks of the mighty Hudson River, in an area of Upstate NY known for technology and medical device innovations, we have had the same ownership since day one. You can be assured that not only are you purchasing the most effective, safe, and convenient product possible, but our customer service is second to none…Please contact us if we can assist in any way as we continue to keep you “Looking Good All Around!”

The History of Tanning

The Basic Overhead UV Light Panel

The first tanning systems were simple fluorescent light panels suspended over a padded bench for the user to lie beneath. At the time, tanning bulbs did not exist, so systems used agricultural “grow lights.” They could certainly generate a tan, but also carried a pretty serious risk of burning.

Users has to flip over at the halfway point to tan the other side, and with session times of 30-60 minutes (or more), lying down seemed only practical.

The Horizontal Clamshell Design

It didn’t take long before the padded bench was replaced by a bottom light panel with a thick sheet of clear Acrylic to suspend the user between the two panels and eliminating the need to flip over. The conventional “clamshell” tanning bed design, with the hinged to panel that can be pulled down for tanning and lifted up for entering and exiting the system, allowed tanning of the front and back at once.

Perspiration left behind after sessions became another problem to be dealt with on a continual basis, and the repeated stresses placed on the lower shells caused their eventual breakdown and replacement. But it was better than having to flip over

Vertical, Full Body Systems

Much has been learned about tanning over the years, and lamps specifically designed for tanning are in large scale production. It had been known for a long time that UV light caused the skin to both tan or burn, but it is now known that light in the UVA range (the lower UV frequencies) stimulates the tanning response, while light in the UVB range causes the skin to burn. By increasing the total UVA output and filtering the higher frequencies, sunburn hazards have almost been eliminated while tanning times have gotten even shorter.

Lying on hard plastic and being heated from below is usually considered to be less comfortable. Many manufacturers have started using very expensive “shaped” lower Acrylic panels. But the real problem lies with lying down. Booths instead of beds eliminate almost all of those issues, and several vertical systems were developed with little success because they were enormous, bulky contraptions that didn’t tan as well… because the bulbs were kept further away.

Adjustable Vertical Systems

The ExpressTan (TM) tanning system combines the best features with their patented design that allows the bulbs to be pulled in closer than in tanning beds.  No pressure points. No pooling of sweat.  Cleaning up is a snap, and the operational costs are far lower than comparable systems.

Beyond the Suntan

The 5th Generation was actually a popular music group from the late 60’s that had little to no effect on the tanning industry, tanning systems in general, or the public perception of tanning.

Unique Design

• Better Design
• Quality Results
• Minimal Floor space needed
• Very little maintenance
• Higher profits

Unrivaled Results

• Even UV-Light delivery
• Maintain a natural body position
• Quicker, more consistent results
• Natural looking results
• All-around tan